Easypaisa Taking Its Services Higher With New Innovations

If there is one thing that has grown to the highest peaks in Pakistan in the past decade, it’s telecommunication. From being only the mobile networks for letting people talk on mobile phones, these services have now reached new heights with their latest money transferring services. Easypaisa being the pioneer of this service in Pakistan has taken another very innovative step towards making the lives easier for the people of Pakistan by letting them transfer their moneys easily. First, it was the basic idea of branchless banking allowing people to send their money by visiting Easypaisa outlets but now it’s the mobile account ATM cards.

The name sounds good and it is definitely a great service. Make use of the TPS IRIS Enterprise Payment Switch, Telenor has introduced this service to make things even more convenient for the people who are already very facilitated with the Easypaisa’s branchless banking. The mobile accounts of the users are now accessible to them round the clock and they can always get information on their account status through an ATM machine in any part of the country. The secure cards will remove the need for customers to visit Easypaisa outlets in order to transfer cash from one place to another.

The ATMs located throughout the country can now be used by customers to withdraw money from their accounts. In addition to that, these same customers can now reach POS machines of the Tameer Bank and make their bill payments too. If they wish to transfer the funds to someone they don’t necessarily have to go to the Easypaisa outlet. All they have to do is go to the nearest ATM and transfer the funds from there. They don’t have to take out the cash in front of the public and feel unsafe. This great step from Easypaisa service from Telenor marks another great achievement of telecommunication services in Pakistan.

A small concern for the service providers will be the number of customers since Pakistan is not the country with the highest rate of literacy and number of people who know how to use ATM machines. However, people are getting awareness quite fast and to avail such great services no one will stay behind and that can be said by looking at the latest numbers and sizes of transactions done through branchless banking.