Al-Qaeda Network in Karachi University Unveiled by Pakistani Police

Pakistani police claimed today they have unveiled an Al Qaeda network at the University of Karachi following the arrest of three individuals involved in the terrorist activities and for distributing the propaganda and literature related to jihad.

Raja Umar Khatab, a CID official, said that the arrested persons were the registered students of university. The network is responsible for bomb attacks, targeted killings and other terrorist activities. He said, "There is an Al Qaeda network operating in the university which includes students and some professors. Laboratories were being used to create explosive materials".

He also said that a lot of Al Qaeda emails, literature, weapons and other explosive materials have been recovered from the possession of arrested. This network was operating under the codename "Ahsab".

Paramilitary personnel and police also busted a factory in Orangi Town late last night where bombs and weapons were produced. A large cache of ammunition, weapons, explosive materials and devices, rocket launchers and suicide jackets were seized from this factory. As per Khatab, explosive materials used in recent attacks that took place Karachi were produced and supplied from this factory.