Bad Quality of Education Costing Billions Annually to Governments

To get education and be educated is the right of every human being who breathes and lives. However, the poor quality of education and unequal distribution of resources have always kept this basic right away from the non-privileged and the poor nations of various countries. Talking about West and South Asia, a recent report by UNESCO has revealed facts that should make the governments of countries in this region ponder over the matter in all seriousness.

Out of the all the children in Pakistan who should be in primary school right now only 1/3rd are actually going to school and getting education. The shocking statistics were presented by UNESCO in its 11th Education for All Global Monitoring Report. The report presented the staggering statistics that more or less $129 billion spent by the governments every year are only being spent to cover the crisis of learning. The quality of education and literacy rate in Pakistan and other West and South Asian countries isn’t something to be spoken proudly of.

Money spent globally every year on education isn’t going in all the right direction instead 10% of it is wasted in giving education that is inferior and doesn’t meet the standards of modern education at all. The consequences of such poor education can be seen in the statistics that 1 person out of 4 who receives this education and should be able to read and write isn’t even able to read a sentence properly.

The report laid strong stress on the requirement of teachers and education of teachers to make them deliver only quality education to the students. The report said that if right teachers were recruited for providing education and poor quality of education was removed from the system the good results might arrive soon. Otherwise, it might take another more than half century for poorest women in under developed and developing countries to become completely educated or the way they deserve to be educated.

The report showed that at least a million teachers must be given proper training before 2015 in the countries located in southern and western Asia in order to reach the right teacher to pupil ratio of 1:32. Report said that governments around the world are spending around $129 billion only to give the education to 250 million children that does not meet the standards of quality education at all.