MQM Leaders and Officials Think BBC is Conspiring Against Altaf Hussain

Even though it is nothing new but it’s happening once again as it has always happened before; MQM leaders and officials have allegedly called the documentary presented by BBC on the murder of Imran Farooq, a former leader of the party, as a new form of conspiracy against Altaf Hussain. Protestors came out on the streets of Karachi, most of which were the workers of the party, and shouted out loud in favor of their leader Altaf Hussain.

Recently, the names of two suspects in the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq were presented by the prosecutors from UK. The names include Muhammad Kashif Khan and Mohsin Ali Syed who are said to have left London on the very day when Imran Farooq was murdered. Dr. Farooq Sattar, the senior member of the party, has openly spoken against BBC and he said he’s ready to use his legal rights against BBC on conspiring against the leader of the party, Altaf Hussain.

The suspects named in the documentary are said to be in the custody of Pakistan but according to the documentary these suspects are not in prison. Talking about these facts presented in the documentary on BBC, the MQM officials believe this is a sheer example of media trial. On the other hand, talking to thousands of protestors who were out on the streets to support Altaf Hussain, the leader once again said that he was being conspired against.

It has happened an uncountable times before and the in a very similarly repetitive manner Altaf Hussain once again talked to his supporters and said that new propaganda was being knit against him. This must not go without mentioning that Altaf Hussain is often unable to fully explain why all these propagandas are being made against him specifically.

There was a press conference at the most key headquarters of MQM where the officials from the party agreed to the fact that all the false facts presented in the documentary were only part of a conspiracy and that the current proceedings on the case of Imran Farooq assassination while constantly implicating Altaf Hussain was only an example of a media trial. The party workers consider all the allegations in the documentary as allegations without grounds.