47 Militants Lose Their Lives

It has been reported that a total of forty seven Taliban militants were killed in Mir Ali’s area, North Waziristan Agency and the Khyber Agency because of air strikes. Sources say that twenty seven other militants also lost their lives who lived in the area of Mir Ali or surrounding areas. A total of eleven hideouts were targeted and it is believed that a lot of weapons were also destroyed because of the air strikes. Twelve more hideouts of the militants were destroyed and at the same time, twenty more terrorists were killed. In Spinwam, and area near the agency of North Waziristan, a suicide attack had also been attempted by using a vehicle.

Details include that the vehicle laced with explosives was fast approaching a check post located outside the Civil Hospital, when the guards who were on duty at that time got into the act and fired at the vehicle. Luckily, the vehicle exploded a 100 meters away from the check post. However, a civilian and two soldiers died when the explosion of the vehicle led to the roof of a building being collapsed. Furthermore, at the Saidgai Registration, a total of 454207 IDPs have been said to be registered.

Points for the distribution of rations have also been assigned in order to help the IDPs.A total of six ration points have been made out of which, one point has been made at Tank, two have been made at DI Khan and three have been established at Bannu. It has been decided that on 25th of June, 4473 tons of ration will be distributed to 40000 families in need. Each ration bag is said to contain 20 or 80 kg of Atta depending on the size of the family. The ration bag also includes 9 kg Dhaal, 1 kg tea and 5 liter cooking oil.