Airport Manager Dismissed

Because of the attack on Karachi airport on the 8th of June, the airport manager has been removed because the management on the day of the attack was not as expected. Azfar Malik, the manager of the Karachi airport lost his post because of his negligence and carelessness. Ali Jan Agha has replaced Azfar Malik as CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). Agha has already started taking measures to strengthen the security and has begun replacing the officers. He has also made the necessary changes needed. Not only the airport manager has been removed but Faiz Akhtar, the CAA fire officer and Fire Raza Rizvi, the CAA general manager have also lost their positions.

On the 8th of June, the Karachi airport was attacked by 10 militants. Because of that attack, 30 people died inclusive of all the militants at the airport. Later on, the Taliban took responsibility by saying that it was their men who attacked the airport and tried to siege it. Earlier today, the ASF, CAA and the fire fighters were blamed for the cold storage deaths because of which seven people in total died. Chief justice has finally decided to take some action regarding the cold storage deaths.