Balochistan Budget Worth Rs. 215.7 Billion

The coalition government of Balochistan presented a budget worth 215.713 billion rupees in an assembly session on Thursday evening. The budget was for the fiscal years 2014-15 to deal with the government departments. This was the second annual budget produced by the coalition government consisting of PML-N, PML-Q, Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party and National party. Speaker Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali presided over the budget session, while Khalid Langove, the provincial adviser on finance, presented the budget. The total income would be around 200 billion rupees while the gap or the shortage would be around 15 billion rupees as said in the session.

It will collect an income of Rs. 8.970 billion from its own resources in the upcoming fiscal year, while the province would receive Rs. 141.213 billion from the divisible pool and Rs. 16.858 billion from direct transfers,  Rs10 billion from other receipts and Rs. 3.279 billion from capital receipts. The sector getting the most attention is the PSDP. An amount of Rs. 50.742 billion has been kept for the public sector development. For non-development expenditures Rs. 164.97 billion have been kept. In the employment section many new jobs have been created. About 3, 925 jobs in government departments have been allocated and the federal government has promised jobs for the young generation in federal institutions as well.

For maintaining law and order a satisfying amount of Rs. 1.7251 billion has been kept for the police, Balochistan Constabulary, levies force and other departments for maintenance of law and order. A budget of Rs. 5 billion rupees has been kept for educational infrastructure and also some additional amount for other expenses. Rs. 324.884 million has been added for the provision of facilities to schools and colleges. Rs. 400 million has been kept for furniture and scientific equipment to schools, Rs750 million for repair and renovation of schools and Rs500 million for the Chief Minister Endowment Fund. The budget also allocated Rs750 million for the upgrade of 200 primary schools to middle schools, and Rs. 425 million for upgrading 50 middle schools to high schools. This is 16% more than the previous budget.

For health the amount is Rs15.362 billion. For non-development programs the amount is Rs14.148 billion and for free medicines Rs1.214 billion has been kept. The main problem across Pakistan is of energy and for this solar home system has been planned to provide electricity to 300 villages. For this R 1 billion has been reserved. Rs9.726 billion has been kept for communication including roads. Around 391 schemes have been planned and there are239 on going road schemes. There are 152 new projects as well. Foreign aid is Rs2.723 billion and for water schemes an amount of Rs400 million has been reserved. Amounts of Rs200 million, Rs50 million and Rs1814.013 million have been reserved for Awaran Earthquake damage, damage of Quaid-e-Azam residency and for sports sector. There has been a ban implemented on extra expenditures of government officials including weddings, hotel expenditures and trips abroad. A committee has also been formed for this. This budget shows that Balochistan is looking for steady improvement.