Britain Honors Pakistani Heroes

Among the 175 who lived overseas and took part in the First World War, three Pakistanis were honored with the Victoria Cross. The Victoria Cross is said to be is said to the highest honor presented by Britain. As per the First World War Centenary Program, organized by the British themselves, the brave men were given plaques that they truly deserved for participating in the war. 11 men in total were given the plaques out of which three were awarded to Pakistanis. Out of the 11 men, a few also included the soldiers before partition took place.

The soldiers of Pakistan were inclusive of Sepoy Khudadad Khan, Naik Shahmad Khan and Jemadar Mir Dast. For the first time in London, the plaques were shown to the public. The Victoria Crosses have the names of the people who were awarded to the plaques. The plaques will be shipped to the receiver’s homes. To show how grateful the people of United Kingdom are towards the one who participated in the war, the British will make sure that the plaques are displayed somewhere where everyone will be able to see them. It has been decided that the plaques being rewarded to the Pakistanis will be presented in Islamabad to the Pakistani government.

Baroness Warsi, the Senior Foreign Minister made it clear that the sacrifices made in the war were not only by the people of United Kingdom but by the people in different people in the world. From the subcontinent, a total of 1.2 million troops were sent to fight in the war. Hundreds of Australian men did not hesitate when deciding to fight a million miles away from home. A lot of people from the little islands in West Indies also took part in the war. He further included that it was truly an important moment in History when so many different nations put their differences behind them and fought to keep their children safe and to preserve their way of life.

This war was a legendary example of courage, brotherhood and sacrifice. Furthermore, he stated that many true acts of bravery had been displayed by many countries including Pakistan. They had not been afraid of the enemy but had faced them without backing down. Warsi also said that no matter how many differences they have, people will always unite for a cause if it threatens their way of life or the security of their family.