COAS Visits Pakistan’s First Helicopter Repairing Workshop

Army chief general Raheel Sharif visited Pakistan’s first ever helicopter repairing workshop today. The inland repairing facility is built with the help of a Russian Company which also tested the first repaired helicopters. The chief appreciated the hard work of the technicians and the engineers and congratulated them for doing an excellent job for developing Pakistan’s first ever inland helicopter repairing facility. This means that the country is looking towards self-development. The company in collaboration with this project is Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company (SPARC). He specially praised the team for cost efficiency and time saving achieved due to our own repairing facility.

The chief of army staff focused more on developing self-made facilities and appreciated on the never ending skill development of the team which put up a wonderful job. He said that these fine people were now meeting the challenges of developing a high military-based facility. He added that the people have finally learned about maintaining high functioning enthusiasm of Army Aeronautics. The COAS also appreciated the help given by Saint Petersburg Aviation Repair Company (SPARC) which was to develop the country’s first ever repairing facility for helicopters.  The ceremony held was of great importance for the Army as many current and retired military officers attended it.

The Russian Federation had mentioned earlier that it was willing to supply MI-35 helicopters to Pakistan which caused problems in its neighboring rival, India. The decision was made earlier this month when the Russian ambassador to Pakistan decided to lift the ban on supplying MI-35 helicopters. This was because of the security issues in Pakistan. The country requires a solution to counter terrorism in itself. India being Russia’s biggest arms costumer was not convinced of this.  India had found suitable arms for itself from Britain, Israel, France and US. The Russian Federation saw this as an opportunity for its sales and decided to deal with Pakistan.

The VIP base is a big achievement for the Pakistan army as the chief mentioned the big efforts of the entire team. India was not happy with this help from Russia as it negotiated with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister during his visit about this problem. However the Helicopter Repair Workshop facility, Pakistan has built is a VIP and the first batch repaired from it was personally observed by the chief of army staff himself who later acknowledged the skill of the workers and praised the facility.