Computerized Arm Licenses Continuity Case Prolonged

The Sindh High Court extended on Monday its stay order preventing the federal powers from taking any strong action in respect of arms licenses expired on Dec 31, 2013. A two judge bench led by Justice Faisal Arab was detained with the hearing of disrespecting of court application against the federal authorities for not obeying the court order regarding issuance of computerized card arms licenses. The SHC had extended the stay order hearing till July 17. The bench ordered the interior secretary, National Database and Registration Authority and others to submit their replies on the contempt application filed by Muhammad Ayub and 36 others, who said that as an alternative of booklets the plastic arms licenses were still being used despite the SHC had ruled against the issuance of such computerized arms licenses.
In the previous year a separate bench under Chief Justice Mushir Alam had allowed an appeal saying that the federal or any provincial government could not issue arms licenses in abuse of any of the points contained in the Pakistan Arms Ordinance and Arms Rules, 1924. This court was also against computerized licenses as it was considered against the law. Muhammad Yahya, member of the appealing counsel informed of the carelessness of the government in such issues.
In the previous hearing an interior secretary official had informed of a request seeking extension of such licenses till June, 2015. In reply the court checked the validity of the existing licenses whether they have been renewed or not. The court will seek the final order and will also observe its similarities with the interim order. The order will be given when an interior secretary official speaks or informs of the issue. Another two judge bench led by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar reviewed the cases of the missing persons. He ordered the law enforcement authorities to look for the missing ones. A woman named Syeda Ahbab Fatima alleged that her husband Amanat Abbas had gone missing. She said that the rangers had taken him. The judge assured her husband’s return very soon. Another similar case was brought to the judge. A 15 year old girl had gone missing and her mother Sakina Bibi had informed the court of it. The court also promised her daughter’s return. Both of the affected families informed the court that the area police did not cooperate and no response regarding their missing ones were given to them. The court assured their return and ordered the law enforcement authorities to take action.