Government’s Youth Schemes Will Finish Terrorism

Some members of the National Assembly from Islamabad said that the new youth schemes introduced by the government will play an important role in eliminating terrorism from the country. According to them these projects will also help finish extremism by making youth more active in creative activities. After this all general talks were conducted especially on the federal budget of 2014-20115. After this discussion both sides agreed on producing a much better budget next year for the improvement of the country. These discussions were made to see how the House reacts on the statistics of the federal budget.

While the debate of the budget 2014-2015 was going on Maulana Jamal Uddin of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) raised his voice in favor of the people of North Waziristan demanding a safer place to live for the people. He also demanded from the government to be loyal and gentle to the affected people of Gomal Zam Dam. A member of PPPP accused the budget and blamed the government of not making new and suitable reforms. Regarding the operation he also blamed the government of carrying the operation late. A member of PML-N praised the budget and its initiatives. She also praised the youth schemes introduced by the PM Nawaz Sharif which would help in reducing terrorism and inclusion of youth in positive activities.

A member of PTI accused the budget due to lack of features. Abdul Rashid Godil of MQM accused it due to no improvement regarding energy crisis. He also spoke against the tax policy and the new taxes imposed. He accused the government of not providing fair funds for the development of Karachi and he demanded local government election with a 10% increase in their salaries. Another member of PPPP spoke against the budget demanding water equality for Sindh. He also pointed out the fewer funds reserved for mega projects of Sindh.

A member of PML-F spoke against the government for the intentional budget. He highlighted that the government was not providing irrigational facilities to Sindh nor the funds required for the irrigation project. He also demanded justice for the allocation of funds among the provinces like to start the Karachi-Lahore motorway from Karachi. He spoke against the Sindh government\s decision against the ideology of Islamic authorities. There were some voices against the finance and defense reforms as well. This shows the opposition this budget has faced and how much it has been praised so far.