Karachi Raid Kills Taliban Commanders

A few days earlier, it was reported that the militants responsible for the Karachi airport attack had fled North of Pakistan. Two leading Taliban commanders were killed in the areas where the Rangers were carrying out a search operation in Karachi. While explaining the killings of the Taliban Leaders, one of the Rangers said that, one of the leaders was killed in the crossfire between the militants and the rangers. His name was Abid Choto and he was Tehrik-e-Taliban’s Pakistan Wing’s, vice-emir. While the search operation was being carried out, the area of Sultanabad, near Manghopir had been sealed off completely to prevent anyone from entering and exiting. Any possible exits had also been sealed.

The Ranger further added that this was the exact area where Abid was killed. Morover, through some sources it has been reported that another leading commander of TTP had also been killed. His name, as identified was, Fakhruddin Mehsud. Mehsud was also killed while the operation was being carried out. Because of the interference of the militants, the search operation led to two Rangers receiving brutal wounds. For a long time now, Manghopir has been considered one of those areas where the militants have a strong hold and have had it for a while now. But, because the area of Manghopir was given proper security arrangements, the militants are said to have fled to Karachi in fear.

Not only the area of Manghopir is said to have been infected but, the areas of Pakhtunabad, Pirabad, Sultanabad and Kunwari Colony are also said to be home to more than a few militants. When another operation was carried out in North Waziristan by the Pakistan Military against the local and foreign militants, the Rangers carried out a search operation, succeeding the one carried out by the Pakistan Military.