KPK Assembly Accepts Economic Budget 2014-2015.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly approved the fiscal budget for 2014-2015 consisting of the usage of about four trillion rupees and 58 demands of contribution.  The budget has been praised as many new developments compared to the last year have been made. About 1.04 trillion rupees allocated for Annual Development Program (ADP). Each sector sees additional funds to itself. Such as the education sector which has been given a big amount of 111 billion rupees to develop primary and secondary education. Last year the amount was 33.16% lower than the current amount which shows the government’s eagerness to educate its province.

However, the budget amount is around 20.5 per cent higher than the amount which was used in the previous budget. The Annual Development Program has also seen steady improvement as about 1251 development projects have been planned. Out of these 711 projects are already in process while the rest of the 540 new projects have been planned and will be started as soon as possible. Another improvement in Annual Development Program has been recorded regarding the education sector which is that for 112 new schemes a satisfying amount or rupees 14 billion has been reserved which shows the keen efforts of the government to drive illiteracy away from the province.

Other sectors have also seen some improvement as RS. 8.28 billion Have been reserved for 67 old and 26 new health projects which are also running under ADP.  The agriculture department has been given interest as well as an amount of rupees 1.5 billion has been reserved for 46 new projects. Irrigation has also been given top priority as a charming amount of Rs. 4.73 billion has been allotted to 131 in-process schemes. Rs3.460 billion has been allocated for various schemes of power generation, for 44 schemes of rural development Rs12.25 billion have been allocated.

The renovation of schools has been awarded with Rs. 9. 59 billion while for construction of new schools Rs1.27 billon have been allocated. An amount of rupees 500 million has been given to the forest sector while the environmental sector a good amount of rupees 1 billion has been reserved. After the budget discussion a resolution was passed in favor of NWA IDPs by the Opposition Leader Maulana Luthfur Rehman, PML-N Sardar Orangzeb Nalota, Mohammad Ali Shah Bacha of PPP and Shaukat Yousafzi of PTI. This was passed to provide best of the facilities to the IDPs and to get full support from the other provinces.