Pakistan Army and Government United Against Terrorism

In a meeting being held in Peshawar, on Friday, Nawaz Sharif explained how vital it was for the government and the Pakistan Army to join hands if they were to get rid of terrorism from this state of Pakistan. While addressing the people at the meeting, the Prime Minister ensured that Pakistan’s goal to be at peace was very near. He was very confident that the government and the Pakistan Army were sure to eliminate terror in this war, in order to bring peace. The Prime Minister also expressed his feelings and said he was satisfied with the operation being conducted in North Waziristan.

Furthermore, he stated that the whole nation and the government were in full support of this operation and will support it throughout. The IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) were to receive assistance and help from various institutions and the Pakistan Army will be involved, as well. In this due course, the federal government will also be playing a huge role to help the people affected. Nawaz Sharif urged the Governor of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sardar Ahmad Mehtab and Pervez Khattak, the Chief Minister to make maximum use of the facilities and resources to help rehabilitate the IDPs.