Pakistan To Help Develop Education Centre

Syed Abrar Hussain, Ambassador to Afghanistan had made it clear that Pakistan will continue to assist Afghanistan in order to ensure that Afghanistan progresses in the field of education.  At a Certificate Distribution Ceremony held today at the embassy, he made this announcement. He explained that for the past two and a half years, Afghan students had been offered free courses in the Pakistan Embassy Vocational Institute for the subjects Computers and English Language. This institute had seen about 2000 students graduate from it since the year 2011.

As if explained how Pakistan had helped Afghanistan develop up until now and also highlighted the recent projects which were completed by Pakistan to help in the growth of their education sector. These projects included the Rehman Baba Hostel in Kabul, Liaquat Ali Khan Engineering University in Balkh, Allama Iqbal Faculty Of Humanities also in Kabul, The Kabul University as well along with Nanaghar University. Besides that, Pakistan also provides about 3000 scholarships, fully funded to the students in Afghan since the year 2009. He said that these projects and Pakistan’s contribution had had a huge hand in the development of Afghanistan so far.

Not only is Pakistan making advancements in its education sector but has also started projects such as Nishar Kidney Centre.