Pakistani Gunmen Kill Pashto Singer

A tragic report says that a well -known Pashto female singer by the name Gulnar, was shot dead yesterday by some unidentified men, in the capital of KPK, Peshawar. The 38 year old Gulnar, publically known as Muskan was shot by four men armed with guns, who forcibly entered her house in the evening, on Wednesday. All the police had to say was to assure the people that their best officials were working hard to investigate this case and find the reason for this murder to take place. Gulnar had been brought up in Par Hoti Area in KPK but had moved and settled in Peshawar.

She had been already married three times and, was reported to have been having some personal problems recently. Word is out that mostly the Pashto singers are targeted by Talibans or their own blood relatives who consider singing and dancing to be a disgrace. Just like this, another female singer, Ghazala Javed who was only 24 years old, was murdered along with her father in Peshawar, in the year 2012. Ghazala Javed was said to be killed by Taliban but it was later found out that, her own husband had been the one to kill her. He, at a local court was sentenced to death immediately.