Proper Operation Against Militants Says Rasheed

The president of Awami Muslim League and ex-minister, MNA Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad stated that the government had been unsuccessful in installing peace amongst the citizens not even by negotiating with the militants or launching any efficient military operation. While in Lahore, at a news conference, the ex-minister said that Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan was afraid of trying to move towards peace either by negotiation or by any military operation. Rasheed Ahmad said that should the government create any problems for the people of his party, then they will protest in 15 different railway stations from Lahore to Peshawar.

The train march would officially begin in Rawalpindi and will continue to Gujrat as well on the 20th of June. Rasheed further stated that Nawaz’s government had paid a circular debt of 480 billion rupees demanded by the business tycoons, Mian Mansha and Daud Razzaq. Regarding the attacks on the Karachi Airport, Rasheed Ahmad said that there has been a fall in foreign investments and foreign remittances. He further told that 12 rail engines had been imported from China and out of those 12, 4 were not in a condition to work. The government was only doing business with only 2 such countries which were offering them commission.