Qaim Ali Shah Seals Sindh Borders

Due to the search operation being conducted in North Waziristan, the IDPs have been migrating to different areas. However, the Chief Minister of Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah announced on Friday that the borders of Sindh have been sealed to stop the IDPs. At the 11th opening ceremony of Oasis Of Harmony exhibition which had been organized by the KCCI (Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry), the Chef Minister clearly declared that no more IDPs will be allowed in Sindh and to stop them, the provincial borders had been sealed. He explained that even though the people only came to Sindh in search for shelter but they had been creating several problems for the administration.

Furthermore, he added that not only had he but, the governor of Sindh, the armed forces and the commander of Karachi Corps decided at a meeting that when the military operation would be continued in North Waziristan, the IDPs will not be allowed to seek shelter in Sindh. The Chief Minister said that Musharraf was largely to blame for the spread of terror because his policies had made it easier for terrorists to carry out activities in other parts of Pakistan and Karachi as well. He also spoke of an anti-crime operation taking place in Karachi, which allowed the commander of corps to be in full power. The army could also be called upon in case of an unpleasant situation.

Qaim Ali Shah also said that the budget for the fiscal year had increased the budget in order to improve the current situation of law and order. The police force was also to be given proper training to deal with problematic situations. He emphasized how important it was that terrorism should be eliminated as soon as possible. A point he noted was that this time at the ‘My Karachi Exhibition’ the number of foreign delegates were much lesser than before because of the problems of law and order nowadays.

The Chief Minister spoke highly of the KCCI community to still be carrying out the trading and industrial activities despite the city conditions.  He said that he fully supported the decision of this business community to keep carrying out these activities. He further added that the government of Sindh would make sure that they got proper security and will also help to promote these activities in Karachi. The Chairman of Business Group (BMG), Siraj Kassem Teli said that this exhibition was organized to promote the good side of Pakistan and Karachi.

Teli also outlined the law and order problems in Karachi and no matter what measures the government took, businessmen still continued to be abducted and held for ransom. He explained that just two days ago, a delegation had paid a visit to the Karachi Chamber and had complained about more than a few businessmen being kidnapped. The businessmen were let go after the idnappers were paid huge amounts of money as ransom. He announced that regarding this issue, the Karachi Chamber will be holding a press conference on Monday.