Strikes, Sit-ins Against the Development Policy; Prime Minister


The PM Nawaz Sharif has said that creating mayhem through strikes and demonstrations will not help in stopping development in the country. This will put a negative effect on the country’s current development progress.  The PM has requested the opposition parties to let the reign of PML-N pass peacefully. He said this all in his very own laptop scheme for the youth at Convention Centre. The PM said that the parties who wanted to bring a change in the country were taking it to the bottom. This means that days of sadness and misery were coming back.

The PM also said that the real change was brought by PML-N by introducing youth to the development area. He also said that these strikes and sit-ins were barriers for national development. According to the PM his government was working with honesty and had brought the youth together at last while the others were bringing them to roads making them remember the dark days.  He advised the youth to stand with the better party and also said that PML-N had the capability to change Pakistan that is why it had won the elections. According to him the PML-N had come up with great solutions for power which were the Lahore-Karachi Motorway and Pakistan-China trade corridor.

He highlighted that the government had started the operation to remove terrorism and was planning to bring law regarding use of illegal weapons. This had no support due to minority of PML-N in the senate so the PM called the opposition for cooperation. The PM informed that all the sectors were getting positive outcomes and employment opportunities were being created as well.  At this moment the Punjab Police had presented the guard of honor to the students.  They were here to present the honor to the real heroes according to the PM, the students.

The laptop scheme had cost about four billion rupees facilitating 100, 000 students with quality laptops every year for the five year period. The scheme would bring various advantages to the youth. The laptop was personally approved by the PM and would help the youth in the future. Another scheme of refunding for youth costing around Rs 1.2 billion was prepared as well. The PM promised that he will look towards more development projects. He informed the youth that the government would only facilitate those who are educated. He also said that the loan scheme as criticized by many had turned successful as 12, 000 people had already participated. No favoritism was shown while giving laptops. Around 1, 740 students received the laptops.

The finance minister supported the PM by promising more youth schemes. He said that funds were already taken by the ministry of finance for the current and upcoming youth schemes. Maryam Nawaz Sharif being part of the development program praised the achievement of PML-N. There were many schemes announced as well and the ministry of education had got the funds to work properly as well. The PM in this session announced PML-N’s achievements to boost Pakistan to the top level.