Will Operation Zarb-e-Azb Relieve the Nation of the Shrapnel

Post by Majid Khalid / PakistanFeed Staff

Terrorists once again showed no mercy on June 08, 2014 and entered the Karachi Airport killing the ASF men mercilessly. The terrorists, who were masquerading as the Airport Security Force initiated the attack at 11:20PM on the night of June 08. They had automatic weapons, were wearing suicide jackets and possessed rocket launchers too. They attacked with automatic weapons and hand grenades.

Rangers, Pakistan Army and ASF fought with passion and killed the 10 terrorists before they could harm the airport further and take more lives. The clash resulted in the death of 26 innocent people and 10 attackers. Nearly 2 dozen people were injured too. This was the end and removal of any thoughts of sitting and talking with the insurgent groups. Pakistan government took the decision and Pakistan Army took the action.

Operation Zarb-e-Azb was launched and the army was set to clean the FATA region of the country from any insurgent groups and terrorists. The DG ISPR informed the nation of the operation on the directions of Pakistan government and said that the attack on Karachi airport was an attack on the state of Pakistan.

The word “azb” in the name of the operation stands for the sword of prophet Muhammad (SAW). The meaning of the term “zarb-e-azb” is “the strike of the azb”.

DG ISPR, Asim Bajwa, has informed the nation through his Tweets that the elder tribal rulers have shown their support for Pakistan army during the operation. On June 15 a big attack was made on the hideouts of the militants and it was reported that 105 Uzbek terrorists were killed in this attack. While the militants are being attacked, surrender points have also been deployed in the region for those who choose to move out of the war.

On June 16, 10 more Uzbek militants were killed in Miranshah as a result of the air attacks. 27 militants were also killed on the same day in Shawal. Degan Boya was also one of the places where the air strike was made killing more Uzbek militants – the count is told to be 140. June 16 was an important day of the operation since on this day the army fought its first battle against the militants on the ground killing 7 militants.

Air strikes are being made constantly and more and more hideouts of the militants are being cordoned off. Many terrorists have been killed while trying to get out of the cordoned off areas.

The latest attacks were made today, June 21, 2014, by Pakistan Air Force killing 30 militants in North Waziristan region. The recent air strikes were made in non-populated areas i.e. there are no civilians in these areas.

Despite the successful progress of the operation so far and majority of the political parties supporting it, the question mark remains dark on the face of Pakistan’s security conditions. Most Pakistan people now agree that our security forces are not provided the means that will equip them to compete with the terrorists. The security at an international airport should have been tight and strict enough to not allow any terrorists get inside the airport in the first place. How come people without identities are allowed to roam about in the country so easily?