Infallible Security Plan For Karachi Airport

Muhammad Ali Gardezi, from CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) announced on Tuesday that a new and failsafe security had been devised for the Jinnah Airport in Karachi. During a meeting of the Senate’s Standing Committee, being headed by Senator Kulsoom Parveen at the parliament house, the secretary revealed that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had also given a total of six billion rupees to make sure that an infallible security plan was put into action. Nawaz Sharif also approved that five hundred or more employees should be employed to strengthen the security.

The Director General Air Marshall of CAA Muhammad Yousuf explained that the CAA was responsible for security inside the airport whereas the police force and rangers were responsible to make sure that the roads leading to the airport were secure. A committee consisting of three members was given instructions by Nawaz Sharif to investigate the fire incident that took place at Gerry's Dnata Cargo Complex after the attack was made on the airport. The committee later on reported that there had been no deaths in the cold storage. To contradict this statement, people had in fact been trapped inside the cold storage and had died.

The committee later on concluded that the deaths of these seven men had not been in vain because they had somehow been able to save the airport from being destroyed completely an had saved the country from facing yet another bigger catastrophe. The committee had further concluded that from the ten total terrorists, five had lost their lives on entering the airport while the other five had been firing while hiding. The passengers in the lounges had been calmed down and assured by the staff of CAA. It was also noticed by the director general that if the ASF, rangers and the police had not come to protect the airport in time, the airport and Pakistan would have suffered a greater loss.