7 Killed as Result of Rubber Bullets and Teargas Firing

ISLAMABAD: Seven, among which there were 4 women and 3 men, have been killed as a result of teargas and rubber bullets firing by police, as reported by ARY News.

Ch. Nisar, while speaking to press, said that the shelling was started to stop protesters from taking over the Prime Minister's house and other important government properties. He said that he and the police officials have taken an oath to protect the government assets and the constitution.

Pakistan Defence Minister, Khwaja Asif, said there is a limit. When questioned about the violence on women and children among protestors, he said that the women and children came willingly and no one from govt officials asked them to come along. He said, considering the current circumstances, further negotiations with PAT and PTI don't seem to be possible. However, a decision in this regard has not yet been made, he added.