Altaf Hussain Gives Indication Of Threatening Situations In The Country In Next 24 Hours

Talking about the hot issues in the country Altaf Hussain put light on some serious coming events in the country on Monday night. The chairman of MQM (Mutahidda Qaumi Movement), which is most prevalent in Karachi, talked to a private channel and showed his reaction regarding the clash between the government of Pakistan and PTI. He said he can sense the coming of Martial Law in the wake of the clash between the supporters of PMLN on one side and those supporting PAT and PTI on one side. He declared some clear warnings to the public during his talk.

He strongly asked the public to remain in their homes after midnight of Tuesday. He thinks the martial is going to overcome the country’s government and this time it would be hiding under a constitutional umbrella. He also said he sees things going towards violence and bloodshed if the government did not show any flexibility in its stance against the demands of PTI and PAT.

On Monday, Altaf Hussain had already sent the officials of his party to talk to the leaders of various political parties. He wanted his officials to conduct these meetings in an urgent manner, which clearly shows that Altaf Hussain has some big event in his sight in near future.

He thought that the coming 72 hours are extremely important for the country and could give a completely new turn to the political scene.

Mushahidullah Khan, a senior member of PMLN and also the central information secretary for the party, stated that PMLN never supported any violent acts in the country and instead it has been advocating peace and resolving matters through peace talks. He said that the party has always shown tolerance towards other parties to secure peace in the country even when some really bad language was used against the party leader Nawaz Sharif.

The statements given by Altaf Hussain were attested by Shaikh Rasheed, the leader of Awami Muslim League, who thought that what Altaf Hussain said made sense. He also thought that the coming day was going to be extremely crucial for the entire country. He also believes that the military should be prepared to take adequate measures if any clashes emerge to the scene in a next 24 hours.

There have been other issues related to the protest and presence of PTI and PAT supporters in the constitution avenue where it was said by the 5 member Supreme Court bench that due to the presence of protestors people were not able to move about freely in the constitution avenue. This order has been listened to and complied with as recently the protestors have moved away from the constitution avenue to allow free movement of the people in that area.

Progresses have been made and more and more party leaders are reaching Islamabad and the residencies of government and the opposition parties to hold peace talks and resolve the matter. As stated by various political leaders, the next 24 hours will show where this entire matter is going to go.