Pakistan Government Threatened by Imran Khan with Nationwide Strike

Imran Khan, Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), has threatened the Pakistan government with a nationwide strike saying that his party might go even further and start holding the ‘wheel jam’ protests.

Imran Khan, while he was addressing the participants of Parliament House sit-in, said that cntainers were being placed to stop his supporters from getting to the protest venue. He added that his workers are being forced to get off their vehicles.

PTI Chief said that they don’t want to challenge the police because both the police and the containers are of Pakistan and, thus, his party and his workers don’t wish to cause anarchy. Imran asked PM Nawaz Sharif to reveal how much property he and his children own in the foreign countries. He reminded and warned prime minister that the protesters won’t pay their bills unless these details are not publicly shared.