PTI Now Showing Its Generosity In The Matters

When the Azaadi March began it had the air around it that made people feel that no negotiations will be done with the government and the throne will be overturned. However, things have been taking new turns over the past couple of weeks. While PTI leader Imran Khan wants Nawaz Sharif off the seat of the prime minister at any cost, he’s also making sure that he doesn’t do it unconstitutionally. Therefore, he’s been showing some great leniency towards the matter recently. Not to mention, some friendly opposition leaders have met Imran Khan to find a better solution to the problem.

Leader of JI (Jamaat e Islami) has been the most active person in trying to keep peace intact and convince both the parties to find a better way out of the problem. He’s met Imran Khan recently and talked about the matters suggesting that a peaceful solution to the matter should be found. He’s also been meeting government’s officials with the same message. Another big move was the telephonic conversation of former president Asif Ali Zardari of PPPP with Imran Khan. After these progresses, Shah Mehmood Qureshi from PTI, stated that they have shown enough flexibility to government to take an adequate action now and they couldn’t offer any more than this.

It must be mentioned here that all the opposition parties in the parliament have stood side by side with PMLN and many are holding protests in various parts of the country against the stance of PTI and PAT. Flexibility from PTI shows that the party leaders somehow want to win the trust of the opposition leaders and stop them from opposing so strongly too.

The new progress is that PTI has become more lenient and said that the government should now comply with their new plan, which to them is the perfect plan. The party is not asking for prime minister to resign completely and leave the seat but asking him to be temporarily suspended as the judicial commission appointed by Supreme Court delves into the matter of alleged rigging in the elections and finds out the truth.

PTI officials have also agreed to let a member of PMLN become the temporary prime minister while the investigations are carried out.

Leader of JI and many other officials from other political parties have shown a pleasing response to the flexibilities shown by PTI leader Imran Khan. However, the government still seems to be in a state of quandary at this. PMLN supporters are carrying out congregations and protests against PTI and Imran Khan which shows that government wants to confront the opposition leaders rather than leaning at all.

The role being played by Mr. Haq of JI must not go without praises as he’s been quite successful so far in his talks with the government and PTI officials in bringing the matter to a logical solution without any bloodshed.

Lastly, even though there are talks among PMLN members about considerations on the matter of resignation, the members cannot utter a word against Nawaz Sharif or suggest him to resign as this could result in his exile from the party.