Remote Controlled Bomb Blast In Jaffar Express At Sibi

Credit: AFP
While political parties continue to battle in Islamabad, the nation is still suffers from the security problems. Bomb blasts have taken thousands of lives in Pakistan in the past 10 years and they don’t seem to stop as of now. Reports coming from Balochistan say that a train departing from Quetta to reach Rawalpindi had a bomb blast on it at Sibi railway station.

The bomb blast was a remote controlled one and the bomb was placed inside the toilet of the train. This is the reason no one got seriously injured in the blast and no casualties were reported too.

It happened on Monday afternoon when Jaffar Express was coming from Quetta to Rawalpindi. The bomb was planted inside the air conditioned apartment of the train. It is said that the bomb was an IED (improvised explosive device). It was the coach number 8 of Jaffar Express where the bomb blasted. Right after the bomb blast people got scared and started running here and there.

Luckily, there were no casualties but three people were injured as a result of this explosion. The explosion didn’t harm them much and these three people were released after only first aid treatment. The washroom compartment was badly damaged due to the blast but it was not a big blast to damage the entire coach and so most of the people were safe and panicked only after hearing the sound of the blast.

The police officers of the district where the incident took place were questioned. Upon questioning the police officials informed that it was an IED and not more than half a kilogram of material was used in the making of the bomb. Police also informed that no one was badly injured and there were no casualties. The area was cordoned off for the public to avoid coming near the bomb blast site.

The police then performed a complete security check in the train to ensure no other explosives were present in the train. The train was cleared and after some time it left for its destination. It is one of the many attacks that take place on Sibi station every year. Jaffar Express is one of the very rare trains that travel from Quetta to Rawalpindi and is often the target of terrorist groups and militants.

Just a few months back in April a similar incident, however much severe, took place on Sibi railway station. This was a big attack that in which the same Jaffar Express was targeted with bombs and 16 people lost their lives as a result of this event. The sad incident took place on April, 8 of this year.

The group of militants called BRA (Banned Baloch Republican Army) once again accepted that the attack was carried out by its people. It is a frequent event that after an incident like this BRA openly accepts and claims the attack and called a press conference to accept its act.