5 Killed Near Pak-Afghan Border with US Drone Strike

5 suspected militants were killed in the US Drone Strike in northwestern Pakistan, said intelligence officials. Rhe officials confirmed the death of five to eight militants in the strike. Moreover, two foreigners and six locals’ deaths are also reported in the strike in the district of Datta Khel in North Waziristan. The attack was held in the mountainous region of the District where the militants’ activities were expected in a house and a car.

US Drone fired four missiles, which killed five to eight militants, and the District was filled with chaos after the attack. The missiles were fired on a house and a car, which left them destroyed completely.

Journalists had no access to North Waziristan since June when anti-Taliban offence was announced by the military officials, so the death toll could not be confirmed accurately. Prior to the launch of the operation in June, the journalists were still off limits to cover the mountainous areas of North Waziristan. The US Drone struck areas were prohibited for the journalists by both, military and the militants. So, the actual death toll values are always hidden from the public.

During the first six months of this year, US halted the Drone strikes as negotiations were expected in between Pakistan Government and Taliban insurgents, and peace was expected in the near future. Since the talks failed, US Drone strikes were resumed by the responsible bodies. These attacks leave terror in the lives of locals and they feel insecure.

Since the US Drones strikes were resumed, at least seven attacks were launched by the military to kill the militants, excluding the last held on Wednesday. These figures are declared by Bureau for Investigative Journalism, which is a responsible body to track the strikes based on reports generated by media.