Baluchistan Shows Improvement; Says Dr. Abdul Malik, Chief Minister

Talking to the media earlier this day, the chief minister of Baluchistan Dr. Abdul Malik said the overall situation of Baluchistan is better than it was ever. He further said that the law and order of the province is much better than it was in the past. He further added that the law and order situation of Quetta is much better if is brought in comparison with the other cities of the country. He said that many groups of kidnappers and extortionists have been brought to an end by the authorities.

About the political situation of the country he said he is glad that the political parties are cooperating with each other and keeping the supremacy of the parliament on the highest priority. Moreover he said that municipal bodies would be formed after This Eid and powers would be granted to them so that they could solve the problems of the people on the grass root level.