CCTV Footage of Karachi Blast Attack on SSP SIU Farooq Awan Appeared

On Thursday, SSP SIU Farooq Awan was attacked in a bomb blast but he nearly escaped the blast and just got few minor injuries. In that blast, the vehicle of the SSP was completely destroyed, and 2 other people were killed and several got injured.

On Friday, CCTV footage of the crime scene Appeared which shows that a man wearing white clothes parked the explosive laden car at the crime scene at 09:04 PM and got out of the vehicle and left. At 09:09 when SSP Farooq Awan and his convoy reached there, and a blast was heard by nearly the half of the Karachi city.

The police also said that the camera at the crime scene that could show the face of the terrorist was malfunctioned and they were unable to get a footage but several other extremely important evidences were collected from the crime scene and have been sent to Islamabad Forensics for investigation.

IG Sindh has ordered the police to stay alert and also to change the office hours in order to ensure the security of police officials.