Chief Justice Asks all Supreme Court judges to Reach Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Justice Nasirul Mulk, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, has directed all the Supreme Court judges to reach Islamabad, as a few of them had been on summer vacations.

As per the reports, a full court hearing is expected to be held by the apex court on the ongoing political crisis. The SC on Monday questioned the protesting political parties what role apex court should play in the prevailing situation. A larger bench said this in presence of PTI lawyer Ahmad Awais during the hearing of a plea that was registered against sit-ins and extra-constitutional steps in Islamabad.

The counsels of both the protesting parties were told to ask their leadership to present their proposal for apex court and to get back with a response within house. PAT lawyer wasn’t present at this occasion. Justice Jawwad S Khwaja, who seemed perturbed by the recent clashes, questioned the counsel if they find the ongoing situation in Constitution Avenue any different from the insurgency taking place in FATA.

Justice Saqib Nisar said that the security of Pakistan was compromised during the clashes. He asked the council if anybody allowed protestors to enter the Pakistan Television building. He also said that even Supreme Court was no longer secure. Lawyers of protesting parties were then asked by the bench on what they wished to achieve and whom they trust. Justice Nisar asked the lawyers to confirm what kind of sou moto Hamid Khan wanted taken. Hamid Khan wasn’t there in courtroom.