‘Go Nawaz Go’ Slogans Made Hamza Shehbaz To Truncate His Speech

Slogans of Go Nawaz Go has not only spread enough throughout the country that wherever PMLN leaders go, the crowd starts chanting the slogan. Earlier this month Nawaz Sharif had to face such embarrassing situations when he was addressing the flood victims in several areas of Pakistan. Hamza Shahbaz was another one to that list on whom the crowd start to chant Go Nawaz Go. Hamza Shahbaz addressed the crowd earlier this day on the occasion of World Tourism Day; A woman stood up and started chanting Go Nawaz Go, which led Hamza Shahbaz to shorten his speech.

When Hamza Shahbaz was walking towards the exit door, most of the audience rose and walked after him while chanting Go Nawaz GO. Hamza Shahbaz left the hall red-faced. While talking to the media, the students complained about the tourism Day Hamza was not supposed to criticize Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan. The protestors said the event should not have been politicized by Hamza Shahbaz.

The slogan Go Nawaz Go has not only rocked up the whole Pakistan but it has also spread through the whole world as yesterday Protestors in the new York chanted Go Nawaz Go in front of the United Nations building while Nawaz Sharif was in there in the general assembly session.