PTI Sets to Gather 300,000 People At The Venue Of Minar-i-Pakistan

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf has called for a massive crowd to Lahore on Sunday at the venue of Minar-i-Pakistan. PTI has called its MPAs and MNAs in Punjab to this public meeting, but the Rawalpindi and Attock chapters are asked to show up in the Islamabad sit-in rather than Lahore.

PTI have asked to send 2000 people each from Rawalpindi and Attock chapters to the Islamabad sit-in. Arif Abbasi; the president and MPA of PTI Rawalpindi District said that PTI has set some targets for the Lahore public meeting and confirmed that supporters from Rawalpindi and Attock would be sent to Islamabad sit-in on Sunday.

A senior leader of the party said, “Many workers and local leaders wanted to know about what will happen to the sit-in in Islamabad during Eid ul Azha and they have been told to be patient and wait till after the Lahore public meeting for a decision.” He also stated a general perception that if the Lahore public meeting gets successful, PML-N government will be ended before this Eid ul Azha. “PTI would adopt the same strategy in Multan and Faisalabad for the public meetings”, he added.

The local leaders in Rawalpindi have been assigned the task to call people for the Lahore public meeting by visiting houses and convincing the general public, said the PTI leader.

A massive crowd is expected on Sunday at the venue of Minar-i-Pakistan on the call of Chairman PTI; Imran Khan.