A Roundup Of What’s Going On In Pakistan

Pakistan is as alive as a passionate nation could be. The ups and downs are part of life and Pakistani people understand that well. The happenings are always happening in this country and even after the worst that has happened to it, Pakistan stands tall on the map of the world. Things have changed quite a bit in Pakistan from the last year. The last year majorly belonged to the “dharnas” and campaigns that were directed at removing or at least bringing the allegedly corrupt government back to its senses. This year comprises of completely different stories.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seems quite content at his position and performance. He seems busy and quite focused on Karachi. He’s talked about laying foundations of new roads in Sindh as well as in Punjab to improve the road network of the country and make traveling a breeze. He is in touch with Saudi government and is constantly assuring them of his support if Saudi Arab faces any hard times. PTI, the strong rivals of the ruling party, seems abated in its movements and campaigns a bit. However, PTI’s leader Imran Khan is still warning Nawaz government that any retreats from promises will force him to bring the nation on streets again.

Questions are being raised on utilization of funds in KPK. The operation against the terrorists is on the go but not much is being talked about. MQM, the ruling party of Karachi, seems to have lost its passion and also its control on the city. The leaders of the party seem flustered and unorganized in what they should be doing at this moment. MQM leader Altaf Hussain is facing the music for using threatening remarks against the paramilitary force of the country. More blemishing stuff against MQM is being released on daily basis.

The team has lost in the quarter finals of the cricket world cup. The performance was poor and the big guns of the team have resigned. Talks of appointing new captain and vice-captain of the team are on. Sarfaraz, the new wicket keeper, has earned a strong position in the team. In business wheat has brought some good sum of money into the country with rising exports. The KSE index has gone down beyond all imagined possibilities. The shortage of electricity is where it has been for past 5 years and with the coming of summer the duration of daily power outage has been increased.

Ali Zafar is busy becoming more famous in India and has recently earned the most stylish import award there. The rock band mizmaar that became quite famous in the times of IM (Indus Music) has made a comeback after nearly 8 years of disappearance. The vocalist has changed even though the previous vocalist suited the band’s sound perfectly. Lastly, the most interesting and revitalizing thing that happened in the country is that an animated movie has been completed in Pakistan. 3 Bahadur is the name of the animated movie and has been released just one day ago.