And It Happens Again – Altaf Hussain Resigns And Then Pulls The Decision Back

Altaf Hussain is known for resigning from his position as chief of MQM and then taking back his decision. This is not to be taken as a bad joke or a slandering attempt at MQM. This is exactly what has been happening for the past decade and the people of Pakistan have seen it happen over and over on TV.

Why Altaf Hussain takes back his decision to resign is quite understandable. However, the difficult part to understand or maybe the mysterious part that needs deciphering is why he resigns in the first place. Is it a hint from him that he does not want to lead the party anymore? Is he suggesting that the party has lost its power and control and now needs to prepare to be dissolved?

MQM has been facing a lot of difficulties in the recent days, especially after the raid by Pakistan’s paramilitary force at nine-zero, the headquarters of MQM. Further push to a falling wall was given when an active worker of the party, namely Saulat Mirza, came on TV in a video where he made several revelations about what the party was doing behind an innocent face.

Saulat Mirza has been sentenced to death for his murder of the MD of KESC, namely Shahid Hamid. Just before his execution he revealed a lot about the party and matters are being investigated. His wife has disclosed even more about the covert activities of the party in her recent talks with the media.

Altaf Hussain has also under a lot of pressure after an FIR was filed against him by paramilitary force of the country when he used threatening words against the force.

It was the morning of Monday when Altaf Hussain resigned from the party and announced that he does not want to hold the command of the party. He even said to the workers that the party needs to be dissolved now and the workers should better look for other socially useful works to do.

Not even a couple of hours had passed when Altaf Hussain once again pulled back his resignation. He will continue to command the party as he has been. Once again, he pulled the decision back after hearing the cries of the party workers and supporters.

While tendering his resignation Altaf Hussain directed strong criticism in the direction of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaaf and its leader Imran Khan. This criticism from Altaf Hussain is a result of Imran Khan’s allegations against him, his use of harsh words against him in his recent talks and also due to the upcoming elections in Azizabad where PTI is hoping that it would win by a big margin.

Azizabad has always been considered the fort of MQM with majority of the people living their supporting the party. The fact that PTI seems to confident about the elections in this region is not very pleasant for MQM.

The MNA’s of the party made announcements that they would also resign from National Assembly if Altaf Hussain did not take his decision back.