We’ve Been The King Of Many Sports

It is always a sad moment when recall your memories and see that you once “were” the king of something. It could be sports, territory, education, tourism, music, science, etc. The world is full of things and things to do. Of course, we can’t choose everything and be the king of it but we can definitely pick select activities and be their king. That’s what Pakistan has done in the past. Pakistan has not been known around the world for many sports but the few it touched it made a difference in them all. Pakistan has been the king of many sports.

The most popular sports in Pakistan are Cricket, Hockey, Squash, football, snooker/billiards and some traditional games like Polo and Kabaddi. Even though cricket is Pakistani nation’s most favorite game, the nation seems a bit disappointed with the performance of its international team in the recent years. In fact, that’s the case with almost every sport in Pakistan now. Hockey used to belong to us in the past but we have gone astray in hockey too. Look at the history of Squash and you will realize that no nation has been as successful and impressive as Pakistani nation in this sport.

At this moment, the players playing football see no future ahead of them. Cricket remains the top sport in the country but the international team isn't performing all that well in that field as well. Pakistan has 3 gold medals in its possession in Olympics for playing hockey but the recent performance is nothing compared to what the team used to be a decade ago. We must not forget that this same nation has won hockey world cup 4 times. This is a record and Pakistani nation is still alive to take this record further and own some more world cups.

This is the nation that produced Jahangir Khan, the squash player who no one could beat for 555 matches. Pakistan also own 17 world opens in squash. Winning the Cricket world cup in 1992 under the captaincy of Imran Khan, this unstable and inexperienced side startled the world with its performance by beating the then giants of the cricket world. Mohamad Yousuf is the player who won recognition for Pakistan in 1994 when he won the IBSF World Snooker Championship. In short and simple words, we have done what no one else could in every field of sports we stepped in.

It’s a pity that the condition of sports doesn’t look fine in the country anymore. This is the nation with many kings of sports. This is the same nation where many kings of sports have died in oblivion. This is the same country where greatly talented sportsmen have committed suicides for not being able to earn enough to bear their own expenses. This is the same nation whose talented individuals move abroad out of desperation and become world famous stars of sports by becoming parts of foreign sports teams. This is the same nation whose most talented and intimidating players got caught cheating their own nation.

However, this downfall might be temporary. The nation has not lost its hopes. The people of the country still sit before their TVs for entire days and bunk their classes and offices in anticipation of winning. If government realizes its responsibilities today and grasps the very idea that a successful sporting nation can be a successful nation as a whole, Pakistan could rule the world of sports. It is time that we become the kings we once were. It’s about time we say we are the kings of the sports, and not that we were.