Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan Asks MQM To Act Wisely In Imran Farooq Murder Case

The interior minister, Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan, was addressing to the reporters and during his talk he said that MQM should act wisely in the case of Imran Farooq murder case. He said that the officials of MQM were acting childishly on the matter and that it was about team the party showed its position in the matter clearly.

He said the statements coming from the officials of MQM are very surprising to him because they are in conflict with each other. He said some of the officials of MQM have been showing big heart by admitting that the case of Imran Farooq’s murder should reach a logical ending. On the other hand there are officials who are badly criticizing the efforts of the JIT on the case he said.

Some officials of MQM have been saying that there was no need to make the JIT to investigate the case and that its formation was doubtful for them. Nisar Ali Khan said that the joint investigation team had to be made because there were strong evidences that someone was involved in this murder and that this murder belonged to Pakistan.

He said that whatever information is obtained after the investigation of the case will be analyzed by Pakistani government first and only when considered necessary will the information be passed out to UK. He said that investigation of the matter was not easy and it would take a little less than a month to complete.

Nisar Ali Khan clearly mentioned that the government did not have any political gains in the investigation of the matter. He said that the crime was heinous and since its link was with Pakistan the investigation was inevitable.

The reporter asked Nisar Ali Khan if he believed that MQM was really involved in the killing of Imran Farooq The answer from Nisar Ali Khan was that he was not a judge in the court to give out a judgment of that sort.

He said he had a meeting with high commissioner of the England but Altaf Hussain’s investigation on the matter of money laundering by the police was only a matter of coincidence. Nisar Ali Khan also thanked the efforts of the security agencies of Pakistan for their role in giving direction to the Imran Farooq murder case when the police force in UK had completely lost track of it.

Lastly he said that Pakistan will put in its best efforts to catch the murderers of Imran Farooq.