PTI Seeking Army Intervention For Protection Of Voters In Azizabad By Elections

Azizabad is considered the stronghold of MQM and it has been that way for past couple of decades. Whether elections were tampered or not, it was always already considered as final result that MQM would win in the region.

Nabil Gabol, the representative of MQM in 2013 elections, has resigned from his position and this has left the seat vacant and given way to by-elections. Imran Ismail has been announced as the candidate representing PTI for the by elections in the constituency.

On several occasions the officials from PTI have claimed that they are expecting great results in the by elections. In order for the elections to go fair and square the party leaders have asked the government to call for army soldiers to be present in the polling stations and outside to not only give protection to the voters but also make sure that votes are casted without any interruptions from political party workers.

The elections will be conducted for the constituency on April 23, 2015. Even before the elections the air between the two parties is becoming quite toxic. At every press conference the officials of the party are found criticizing each other.

The most noticeable criticism in the recent days has come from the leader of MQM, Altaf Hussain. Altaf Hussain resigned yesterday and then took his resignation back in a few hours. However, he criticized Imran Khan, the leader of PTI, heavily during his conversation with his party workers and supporters on the phone. He bashed Imran Khan for almost all of his recent statements against Altaf Hussain and MQM.

The top officials of PTI have asked the government and federal ministry to take notice of what Altaf Hussain has said about the party in his recent speech. They said that the statements given by the chief of MQM are intimidating and more like threats.

Dr Alvi, another senior member of PTI, requested the government to not take the elections of Azizabad constituency as normal elections and rather deal with it in a stricter manner. He said that people should be free to express their choice by voting in an environment where there is no pressure on them.

He also stated that the results for the same constituency and for most part of Karachi in the elections of 2013 were rigged. He also condemned the presence of any militant wings of any political parties. He said that it has been proven in the higher court the MQM, PPP and Awami National Party have militant wings they operate with.

He also said that the tape going wild on media containing a conversation between him and Imran Khan was fake and that certain words in the audio had been edited. The officials of PTI requested several times that the speech given by Altaf Hussain on Monday should not be broadcasted because it is threatening to the stability of the country and also contains words against our founders.

Mr. Ismail, who will be PTI’s candidate in the by elections for NA-246 also said that Karachi now needs to see a change.