Syed Ali Shah Proclaims That Kashmir Is A Disputed Land

The separatist leader from Jammu and Kashmir, Syed Ali Shah Geelani, has called out Indian officials and proclaimed that they acknowledge Kashmir as a disputed land. The founder of Tehreek-e-Hurriyat has also criticized the role of Mufti Muhammad Saeed harshly. He said he is a puppet and he’s not sincere to the people of Kashmir. He said if he was sincere with the people of the land he would have also urged India to accept Kashmir as a disputed land. He said the dispute of the land of Kashmir is recognized not only locally but internationally too.

He had gathered people on the roads after 5 years of gap since 2010. The rally was called in Srinagar and press was present at the scene as he talked to his people about the future of Kashmir. He received a very warm welcome when he arrived at the venue and along with the slogans in support of his party there were several people who raised loud slogans in favor of Pakistan as well. He also talked about the separate settlement of the pandits in various townships and said this was another move by Indian government to politically make Kashmiri people weak in their demand.

He said that there are regions in Kashmir with Muslims in majority and the resettlement of pandits (Hindu by their beliefs) is just a way of disturbing this majority. He said that the resettlement issue is uncalled for because the same people have been living in this land for centuries without any requirements of relocation of any particular race. He also said that India gained the control of the land unlawfully and said that Kashmir had never been a part of India. He said that Kashmir was actually given as a gift by a deceptive ruler when 1947 split of India took place.

He also said that he was in favor of being a part of Pakistan. Shah Geelani emphasized the fact that the ideology of the people living in Kashmir, specifically Muslim majority regions, was in line with the ideology of Pakistanis. He also said that Kashmiris were closer to Pakistan because of their religion too. He said that the struggle of Kashmiris will continue unless India and other international entities recognize Kashmir as a separate entity. He said that the matter of Kashmir was not the matter of dividing borders but a trilateral matter.

He said that United Nations had given the people of Kashmir to determine their fate and India had to recognize it. He also criticized the rule in Kashmir by saying that the government officials have been claiming that there is peace in the land but it was not true. He said that there were more than 700,000 occupation forces in Kashmir sent by India and for as long as these forces don’t leave the land peace could never be expected. He also said that India has been atrocious to the people of Kashmir and uses the occupation forces to physically torture the people living in the land.