Two More Criminals Hanged After The Removal Of Moratorium On Death Penalty

There had been a long interval of no executions in the country just a couple of months back but things changed after the attack on a school in Peshawar. The current prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz Sharif, removed the moratorium from death penalty for terrorists first. Later on the decision was taken to remove moratorium from all capital punishment cases. This proved to be an inception of several executions taking place in different parts of the country. The recent executions have taken place in Lahore and Sahiwal.

The two hangings have taken place in the province of Punjab and both the hanged prisoners were executed for murders. One of the murderers’ was Jafar. Jafar was also known as Kali and he had been awarded death sentence from the court for committing two murders. He had killed a brother and sister brutally over a dispute on land. These murders were committed by him in 1997. Jafar belonged from Okara and after his crime was proven in the court he was sentenced death punishment 3 years after committing the crime. The death sentence for him was declared by an additional session judge.

He had also filed several review petitions and approached higher courts to receive reprieve in the case but was not successful in receiving any leniency. He even went to the extent of launching an appeal for mercy in front of the former president of the country but was denied any exemptions. The appeal for mercy was launched in 2012. His execution would have taken place on March 25 but it was reported that the victims’ family has reached an agreement with the murderer. There was a stop put on his execution only unless the family of the victims appeared in court and announced that they were forced into the agreement.

One of the family members forced into the agreement was the wife of Khalil, the person killed by the murderer. Death warrants were issued again for Jafar and his execution finally took place in Sahiwal’s central jail.

The other execution took place in Lahore, at Kot Lakhpat jail. The inmate hanged in this case was Tayyab Ghulam. Tayyab Ghulam belonged to Toba Tek Singh. He was convicted and given the death punishment for murdering a person named Abrar. He had a fight with Abrar in 2002 and during this fight he had killed Abrar. Abrar was also a resident of Toba Tek Singh. Tayyab Ghulam had gone through almost the same process as Jafar. His petitions were turned down by the higher courts and he couldn’t be successful with his mercy appeal in front of the president of the country.

Tayyab Ghulam was then executed at Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore while the police officers were strictly guarding the place. There were many sharp shooters deployed at the site too to deal with any undesired circumstances. However, everything went without any mishaps.

Even though there were many prisoners in various jails of the country, they had been awaiting their executions for decades now. The moratorium from the death penalty was lifted by Nawaz Sharif after the brutal terrorist attack on a school in Peshawar in which 150 people had lost their lives. Most of the people killed were children of lower grades. Several organizations around the world have requested the government of Pakistan to hold the executions again and place the moratorium on capital punishment in the country back. The major organizations requesting for moratorium include Amnesty International, European Union, Human Rights Watch and United Nations. Not much response has been given by Nawaz Sharif government on these requests so far.