Terrorists Brutally Kill 45 Bus Passengers In Karachi

Sectarian riots and attacks have always been a point of shame for Pakistani government since forever. However, there are always ups and downs in the intensity of these attacks. Recently the attacks on particular sects, especially Shia Muslims, have increased. One of the most atrocious ones has just taken place two days back on Wednesday. A bus carrying Ismaili passengers was stopped by six terrorists and one by one the passengers were gunned down brutally and mercilessly. The driver and conductor, an old man and a few children were left alive. A letter was also found at the scene from the terrorists.

As soon as the incident took place and people from around the country got news of it, Jundullah claims to be the perpetrator of this attack. The incident is going to cause more fear in the minorities living in Pakistan. Several stories have emerged on the scene about Shia Muslims looking to move out of Pakistan since they don’t feel safe in the country. It must be remembered here that Balochistan is the center of such sectarian attacks and every year hundreds of people from Shia minority lose their lives in targeted sectarian attacks in this particular region.

On Wednesday morning near Safoora Chowk the bus run by Al-Azhar Garden Colony was stopped by 6 gunmen. One of the gunmen fired a shot at the bus to stop it and according to the survivor the passengers thought the bus was going to get robbed. However, it would have been better if it was only a bus robbery but it was not. The terrorists entered the bus from the rear door. They asked the passengers to bend their heads down and then it was announced that everyone be shot. Every passenger in the bus was shot, majorly in the head.

A little girl hid in the bus and survived. The conductor of the bus also survived and a few more did miraculously. However, 45 people have been confirmed to be dead by now. Two of the recent deaths were announced when two injured people also lost their lives in the hospital. According to the survivors the attackers were speaking Urdu fluently. Most of the dead passengers are men but women are also in high number. Some of the survivors have also told that the attackers were wearing police uniform. This has been confirmed since security guard caps have been found at the scene.

The attack is said to be sectarian because Al-Azhar Garden Colony, the society bus belongs to, is also a community formed by Ismaili people. Furthermore, most of the people who died also belong to the same community. As it always happens, most of the political parties have condemned the attack on the bus and requested the government to take strict actions not only to catch the terrorists but also maintain security in the country in future. The SHO and DSP of the region where the incident took place were also suspended on the orders given by CM of Sindh, Qaim Ali Shah.

After the incident the rangers took action and conducted a search operation in the nearby areas to catch the perpetrators and suspects. During the operation conducted by the rangers 145 people were caught as suspects. Orangi Town, Sohrab Goth and Gulshan e Iqbal were the areas where rangers conducted the search operation. Some eyewitnesses have also disclosed a lot to the police recently and based on the descriptions they have provided police is opening the records of terrorists that were freed from jails lately.

Munir Ahmed Shaikh, DIG of Eastern Karachi, has said that the scope of the investigation in this particular case is being broadened keeping in view the possibility of involvement of other groups in the attack. From released suspects to banned groups and the nature of recent terrorist activities in the country, everything is being investigated to find any proof that could help police reach the attackers. An award of 20 million rupees has also been announced for any person who will help the police with information about the attackers. The beneficiaries of those who were killed in the incident will receive Rs. 500,000 as compensation and the injured ones will receive Rs. 200,000.

Qaim Ali Shah has spoken about the incident by condemning it. He also announced that the victims in the attack who were being given treatment in the hospital will receive their treatments for free as government will bear those expenses on their behalf. Right after the incident a day of mourning was announced in Karachi. The next day was a shutter down day when markets and businesses in major part of the city remained closed. The transport was also closed down. Lastly, it leaves another question mark for the government regarding its security policies in the country.