Punjab University Quashes Bachelor Degree Of Gilani’s Son

Degree matters are always known as hot debate topics in Pakistani politics. Previously Pakistan Tehreek Insaaf’s leader Saeed Muraad was in hot discussion for his suspected fake degree. Now the arrow has moved to Abdul Qadir Gilani, the eldest son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani whose bachelor’s degree has been quashed by the Punjab University Syndicate on allegation of impersonation.  

Gilani’s degree was cancelled on Saturday June 27, 2015. Giving details of the matter authorities told the media that Abdul Qadir was earliest accused of causing hullabaloo in the examination hall after being caught using iniquitous resources. A case for using unfair means was also started against him but a committee made by Vice chairman Arshad Mahmood cleared him of the accusation.

In the meantime, the FIA passed on the case to ACE who began an investigation regarding the past incident.  The Investigation came to a close down when a deputy director of the inquiry team was transferred to another place.

However, the case recently was then reopened making the Punjab University initiate a de novo inquisition of the matter. Its result finally brought the matter to a fair ending where on the base of majority voting it was decided by the Syndicate that the bachelor degree of Abdul Qadir be cancelled.