Pakistani Companies Integrating into Technology to Help Their Business Grow

It's no longer an overstatement that technology is running at a fast speed to peg itself to the evolution of human race and has become a vital asset. The rapidly arising changes in technology division has also lead both big and small companies to come up with technology integrated into their business model so that they could be walking beside the world and enjoy the success in their business venture.

Like other countries, Pakistan is also investing heavily for the sake of revolutionary change in information technology. In addition, local businesses of the country are not far away from quickly adoption of technology in all its glory.

Let's have a look at some business solutions that some Pakistani companies have brought into view with the help of technology for improving various aspects of their business.

1. Paint Business

There are a number of renowned paint companies in Pakistan. ICI Dulux is the first-one among the big and renowned paint companies in the country who was recently appreciated by launching its Visualizer app that helps customers choose their favorite paint color using a real time experience with the app.

Visualizer's app is for the smartphone devices based on Android and iOS operating systems. This smartphone app combines improved reality with video visualization to display how your chosen colors look on your wall in real time experience.

You can capture video of your house wall and try a variety of colors or color combinations to get what you are looking for. Moreover, the app has an option to help you find a nearby Delux store once you are done with color scheme for your walls. Using the app you can also share color combinations with family and friends on your social media profile.

2. Property Business is the largest website for property advertisements which has also introduced its smartphone app that completely digitalizes Pakistan’s property market at one place. Its new feature ‘Super Hot Property’ provides you an opportunity to get twenty times more exposure on your property than you get from basic listings.

In addition, you can see high-resolution images and videos of any property you choose from the database on the website or your smartphone app. Using this particular feature helps you save your time when you just want to go online and search a property for purchasing.

3. Food and Beverages Business

Some renowned food and beverages companies are heavily investing in technology to get their business problems solved. For instance, Nestle is one of the companies whose most products include milk as an ingredient. The company was facing efficiency problems with tackling milk wastage so it took Techlogix into service to help them improve the process of milk supply using the technology-based tools. It was an IT company that created algorithms to help Nestle maintain an advanced planning and scheduling circle. The algorithm is also used to generate reports which allow the production team to take care of the overall production process.  Consequently, Nestle is now satisfied with their updated statistics about the production and better management of their plans.