IMF MD Lauds Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif On Better Economic Conditions in Pakistan

International Monetary Fund says that Pakistan has come out economic crisis and it's certainly a financially maintained state now. Christine Lagarade, who has been heading the IMF for last couple of years had an official meeting with PM Mohammed Nawaz Sharif at the Prime Minister House, Islamabad on October 24, 2016 in which she lauded the government for better economic situation in the country. An official statement from the Prime Minister House was released following the meeting that also detailed important bits of the meeting.

This is the first ever time in last ten years when the most senior member of world's largest financial organization has visited Pakistan. According to the statement released by the PM office, Lagarade lauded Mohammed Nawaz Sharif and his government for successfully completing  the targets set by the IMF programme as well as for gaining  macroeconomic stability in a two-year of his government.

The IMF MD reached Pakistan yesterday on a two-day visit on the invitation of country's financial institutions. It is worth mentioning that she is visiting Pakistan almost 2 months after IMF ensured to clear $102 to Pakistan which is a final installment of payments being paid by the international lender under a three-year programme of $6.4 billion.

The statement further quoted Lagarade who said that it’s really an amazing turn in the journey of Nawaz Sharifz to have achieved a strong and improved financial position in such a short time of two years. She further said the IMF programme after its completion has positive reflection on Pakistan and its economy.

Referring to country's economic growing up and inflation down, Lagarade said the IMF has noted Pakistan has gradually growing economy situations while inflation is continuously declining in Pakistan. The IMF MD also appreciated the strengthened social safety nets of Pakistan. She said the country has a better tax policy and administration reforms.

Talking to The News, Lagarade focused on some major priorities for the country. She said the government of Pakistan has to work for better economic resilience higher growth, quality of growth and principle in the global system. The international lender has officially endorsed the economic recovery of Pakistan as well as urged the government to keep going with its important structural reforms in order to consolidate these achievements.

The IMF MD said Pakistan has gradually improved its economical conditions and its recovery has progressively fortified; and its short-range vulnerabilities have further moved away on the back of better macroeconomic strength and development on structural reforms. However, the organization maintains that Pakistani government should give it a priority to make efforts to complete reforms in the area of energy.