Pervez Musharraf Says Democracy Is Not Suitable To Pakistani Environment

Parvez Musharraf, during a recent interview, has claimed that Pakistani environment is not suitable for sustaining democracy. The former Army Chief says Pakistan military has a vital part in all important matters of the country. And it also has brilliantly played its role in Pakistan's rulership as democratic system has failed to efficiently work in the country.

In the media discussion, the former military dictator said he has sensitivity observed the history of Pakistan and has come to the belief that the environment in the country doesn't support democracy for longer while the army has always been helpful in Pakistan's rulership since 1947. He said the reason why democracy is failed in the country is mainly because the elected governments don't rule effectively.

According to the former President of Pakistan, the country has a number of essential weaknesses; and unfortunately, ineffective and weak democracy is one of those flaws. Pakistani democracy has no checks and balances in line which sadly hasn't been helped by any organization in the country. He says, even the constitution doesn't help with these checks and balances which eventually makes the overall government ineffective and useless. Therefore, the Army has to get involved in the country’s politics though it's not their first choice.

Musharraf feels proud to have overall support of army so far. He told the media he has spent forty years of his life with Pakistan Army. He has bravely participated in two wars and has a crucial role in many military operations. Musharraf added after spending the largest part of his life as a soldier, army is his choice naturally.

On the latest landscape of Pakistani political, Musharraf thinks the political structure of Pakistan needs to be prepared in regard of the requirements of the country so that it can help establish check and balance on each matter of good governance and does not render the army to enter in political matters and take over the democratic system.

He claims that the United States made use of Pakistan for its purposes and later turned its back showing it was just betraying the country.

Musharraf reveals he wants to come back to Pakistan and is courageously ready to face all legal cases that are filed against him in different courts of the country. He says the government is still not working effectively and that's why he feels there's a need of him to go back to the native soil and help its people.

On the other hand, Raza Rabbani has refused Musharraf's statement about democracy and military. He was addressing a public gathering in Islamabad. The Chairman Senate said Pakistan is now a complete democratic federation after the legislation has been updated with the 18th Amendment. Moreover, the people of Pakistan have always refused dictatorship and like to continue with the democratic process when it's about choosing their rulers.

Raza Rabbani also regrets to realize that the parliament has always been isolated from the nation and he thinks there is a need to strengthen it.