Terrorists Storms Police Academy in Quetta

Terrorists attacked a police academy in Quetta late Monday, slaughtering more than 60 and injuring at least 116, the provincial government of Baluchistan said.

Three terrorists were weirdly successful to enter the police training college located in Baluchistan's capital city at 11p.m, according to officials. After entering the college premises, they first started firing which hit a sentry who was on his duty to guard the outskirts and then moved toward the dormitories of the college to target the cadets who were present there in hundreds.

Sarfaraz Bugti, the Home Minister to Baluchistan told the media that though it was a sudden attack; and security intelligence as well as other relevant organizations had no prior information about the attack, security officials reached the venue to spark a major security operation against the attackers.  In addition to police commandos, the paramilitary forces also took part in the operation and were successful in grabbing the terrorists who are said to be three in the quantity.

The footages of the forces jumping out of military trucks and getting into the colleges were aired on all television channels of Pakistan. The scene from the venue also spotted several ambulances that were lined up at the main gate of the academy.

Bugti said the attackers in all probability came with a solid plan to kill many cadets as more than 700 police cadets stay inside the premises but security’s forces timely operation stopped them from dropping more blood, adding his aim to stand bravely against terror, Bugti said they would keep on to bravely fight the battle on terror.

Dead bodies of cadets and police officials were transferred to Civil Hospital, Quetta whereas 116 were injured who were also brought to the emergency unit of the hospice. The majority of injured people are police cadets while four of them are in critical medical situation, a health official in Quetta told the media.  According to government officials, there is a possibility of more casualties following the attack on the academy.

The Frontier Corps paramilitary force of the province initially did not know about the actual quantity of terrorists inside. They intercepted their communications and came to know they were three and all were suicide bombers.  Maj. Gen. Sher Afgun said two attackers blew up their explosive jackets when security forces were trying to enter the dormitories while the third-one was shot dead.

According to the provincial home minister, the operation continued for hours to protect the college and was finally completed by a final evaluation done after sunrise today.

There is no claimer has come to claim the responsibility of the attack till this moment of time, but Maj. Gen. Afgun told the media that the terrorists were associated with the sectarian Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and were receiving instructions from some people in Afghanistan. It’s a fatal Islamist militant group that has close links to Pakistani Taliban and Al-Qaeda. It is said that Afghanistan has been a shelter for militant groups belonging to Pakistan or other countries which is an apparent source of tension between both the nations.