Yasir Jaswal Says Pakistani Cinema Can Make Its Mark By Staying Original

There's an evident turn for the betterment noticed in the entertainment industry of Pakistan in last couple of years. It's an undeniable fact that the main reason for this improvement is that the industry is focusing on Pakistani ideas rather than relying on the Indian movies and dramas to get the ideas.

Yasir Jaswal believes in originality and considers the ideas that are compatible with Pakistani environment. During an interview with BBC Urdu, the director of Pakistani film "Jalaibee" reveals he is working on a new project which will be an action thriller film. The story is completed but the script work is still under process. Jaswal said he may cast one of his siblings in his new film.

On the name of the film the director humorously said it would not be samosas or pakoras this time after making "Jalaibee", and he is still thinking about the title. Jaswal said casting is a small problem and he would soon come over it. But there are some road bumps in the way that his film will need to face in order to get competed.

The story of the film is based in Pakistan while Jaswal will need to do some shooting overseas. He says the reason why we need to go out of the country is that it's quite difficult in Pakistan to shoot action sequences as he had already experienced this with his previous film. For "Jalaibee", he had to call relevant teams from abroad to shoot in Pakistan but it still didn’t work as they refused to come here.

Explaining the issue, Jaswal said, unfortunately foreigners are scared coming to Pakistan because of its uncertain internal conditions. However, they should know the picture is totally opposite as lots of people are working in a safe environment and hordes of good things are happening here as well. The outside rumors and negative portrayal by some groups have rendered a negative impact of Pakistan in the mind of people living abroad. Sajwal insists they can only change their idea of Pakistan and clear their minds by original Pakistani films.

Jaswal's Jalaibee received mixed reviews after its release in 2015 but for him the project was the first of its genre. He said he never seen anything like this before in Pakistan and so, aimed at craving a new module of movies that will steer away from the repetitive style of Indian films.

Yasir Jaswal is a man of different mind who thinks people either make films for the audience or to satisfy themselves that they're deviating from the standard and moving to a new cinema. He found the majority of Bollywood movies aim at money-making, and it is really crucial that filmmakers deliver something original and Pakistani ideas to the films and dramas. They can only do it by staying original and unique. It can't be done by following in the footsteps of Karan Johar or imitating their ideas. According to the musician, people in Pakistan are copying an existing film industry and their own industry can only exist if they bring their own ideas to the table.

Yasir Jaswal strongly believes that people of Pakistan are becoming wiser now. They have always been supportive of cinema and nobody can easily fool them when it's all about content. He says Pakistani audience is very smart but many people still think otherwise. They believe that they can fool them by showing anything whereas the fact is that many movies went unsuccessful because of this mentality. It is not a wise thinking that if they put an item song or show girls dancing in their movies, they will make it a hit as many times such films have failed to work for them. He said films go failed because those do not resound with the audience.