Pakistan Asks Turkish Teachers and Other Staff To Leave the Country

The Pakistan Interior Ministry has asked Turkish teachers to go back to their homeland by November 20, 2016. These teachers are working in different Pak-Turk schools and colleges across the country and are 200 in the quantity. It is important to mention here that the decision of expelling Turkish teachers has been made when the Turkish President Tayyip Erodogn is scheduled to visit Pakistan in the following week.

However, the educational network management has expressed its anxiety over the abrupt decision of expelling Turkish teachers and other stuff. It assured the pupils of the Pak-Turk schools and colleges and their parents that the management is standing against any proposal to “ingress of some other organizations into the general staff of the aforementioned educational network.

According to the representatives of the Interior Ministry, the visas for Pak-Turk schools' staff have been called off and they have been informed through official letters on Sunday that they are left with one week time to leave the country. The representatives also told the media that the decision of deporting the Turkish foreigners was made on the foreign affairs ministry's advice.

The educational network consists of 108 teachers and other staff whereas the total number of Turkish foreigners living in the country on the behalf of educational chain is 400 including their family members. These 108 Turkish employees were serving in different schools and colleges running under Pak-Turk educational network.

Pakistan foreign ministry department in a meeting with Mevlut Çavusoglu, the Turkish Foreign Minister three months back in August, had promised for looking into the matter of the chain as Ankara was wanted the cancellation of its suspected association with Fethullah Gulen who is a cleric based on United States.

Mr. Çavusoglu during his visit to Pakistan had revealed that it wasn't a secret anymore that the organization run by Gulen has several institutions in Pakistan as well as in numerous other states of the world. He expressed his state of confidence over Pakistani officials to take necessary action. He said he is sure that Pakistan would look into necessary measures over the matter as they both the counties have to be very careful with such organizations, and the risks and security threats associated with their existence inside either of the countries.

The Pak-Turk educational chain of   schools and colleges came into existence in 1995 and was founded by an international NGO with a Turkish registration. At first, all the funds needed for the network's educational institutions were made by Turkey, and several modern campuses were established under the system. However, for last more than fifteen years, the network has been getting its own money in the country. Moreover, it offers free education and boarding facilities to 35 percent of the pupils and also award foreign scholarships to deserving students.

Furthermore, there are 28 educational institutions including schools and colleges that are located in Karachi, Khairpur, Jamshoro in Sindh province. In addition to Sindh Province, it is also functioning in Quetta, Lahore, Multan and federal province city of Pakistan. These institutions have an approx of 11,000 students whereas the grades taught are from of pre-primary to ‘A’ Level.