48 People Killed In Horrifying airplane Crash Near Islamabad

December 7, 2016 turned out to be the most horrifying day of the year for Pakistan as its afternoon saw a scary airplane crash near Islamabad killing 48 people including the famous Islamic preacher Junaid Jamshed and his wife Neha Junaid.

According to the media reports, Pakistan International Airline's plane PK 661 took off from Chitral whereas its destination was Islamabad where it had to land by 4:40pm on Wednesday. When it reached near Hawalian, pilot's call to air traffic controller revealed the plane was facing some technical problem and it was going out of his control. Soon after the frightening call from the pilot, the airplane went missing from the radar. The unfortunate flight hit one of the mountains in Hawalian district before going down to the ground. It was crashed completely and wreckage of the airplane had caught the fire with a horrible roar of explosion.

The people on board included 31 men, 9 women and 2 infants. According to sources, three foreigners who are told to be one Chinese, one Korean and one Australian, were also traveling to Islamabad from the city of Chitral on the same flight.

Mohammed Azam Saigol, the Chairman PIA later on Wednesday confirmed the death of all 48 people on the plane that crashed in the North mountainous area of Pakistan same day afternoon. The airplane's chairman told the media persons in a press conference that after five hours of the plane crash in the province of KPK, it has been confirmed there's no survivor of the accident.

He said the crashed plane was given regular maintenance and it had no problems before taking off from the city. Moreover, this ATR-42 aircraft was certified with "A-check" that it had cleared two months back in October 2016.

He said he doesn't think of any human or technical errors are involved behind this crash but there was obviously a reason for it happened. Therefore, there would be a proper and thorough investigation of the accident.

On the other hand, Pakistan Army has sealed the site of the accident. Almost 500 soldiers took part in the rescue efforts and recovered all 48 dead bodies that were badly burnt from the crashed plane. These bodies first were shifted to Abbottabad Medical Complex, and today they were taken to Islamabad through an army helicopter. Since all bodies were badly burnt, it's impossible to identify them. However, five of them have been identified and rest will be gone through process of DNA test to get identification.

The passengers also included Junaid Jamshed who departed from Chitral with his wife and was on board the airplane that came down near Islamabad. Jamshed attained the peak of popularity across the country as a lead singer of his band Vital Signs in the period of 80s. Besides group songs, he also had many successful solo albums on his music career. However, Junaid Jamshed gave up the life of limelight in 2001 after getting inspiration from Maulana Tariq Jamil. He devoted his life to spread Islam and even was on a “Tablig” preaching mission when he died while coming from Chitral yesterday.