Khanani's Director Passes Away After Falling from a Building

Javed Khanani, the director of famous international money Changer Company "Khanani and Kalia" passed away on December 4, 2016 after he reportedly fell from an under-construction building in the capital of Sindh.

The mysterious death of KKI director in Karachi has raised several questions. Apparently, his death was a result of falling from "Saima Towers", an under-construction building located in Karachi's Mohammed Ali Society. The "accidental death" then was reported at Bahadurabad police station for further investigation into the bits and bytes of the case.

The news media reports Javed Khanani fell from eighth floor of the building where he was on his routine visit. While Mr. Mushtaq Maher, the additional IG, Karachi said, he was also seen entangling in electric wires before he hit the ground.

Meanwhile, the other partners of KKI who were busy in their daily tasks in a nearby office, rushed to the spot upon hearing the shocking news of Javed Khanani's fall from the building. The director was immediately taken to nearby hospice but he died on the way to the medical care.

According to the Police Chief, the relatives of the deceased also reached at the hospice after being informed about the loss and immediately took his dead body with them to home. They even didn't let police complete its legal process or go into any medico-legal actions.

However, the Police have requested his family to cooperate with them to complete necessary medico-legal formalities so that they can work for establishing the actual cause behind this sudden death. The family, on other hand, is continuously denying the request made by the police and has claimed that Javed Khanani has committed suicide.

Despite, the family isn't cooperating with the police, it has arrested a few labors from the site of under-construction building site and seeking for any eye witness or CCTV camera evidence to help their investigation complete. Furthermore, the police is said to be investing the case with keep various angles in mind.

Meanwhile, Dr. Fahad Ahmed, the SP Police, Gulshan told the media that the police has launched investigation for ascertaining the exact cause of death of the director. He said they were investigating the case from three angles.

According to the police officer, Javed Khanani was one of the investors for the under-construction building known as “Saima Tower”. Apparently his death is a result of falling from the multistory under-construction building but it is ascertain to say whether it's a suicide, accident or some other story.

Khanani & Kalia international money changer is a famous name for everyone having interest in finance matters of the country. Its director also became highlight in media news when he along with his partner Munaf Kalia was taken into custody by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in November 2008. The business partners were arrested in a dramatic raid upon a complaint filed that revealed that one of their beaches in Gujranwala discovered a similar money transfer system and KKI was operating it to transfer money out of Pakistan via illegal channels.

He was again arrested for fresh hundi/halwa case last year in January. However, he was successful to get release from FIA custody on the bail and terminate the case against him and his company. Besides Javed Khanani, his brother Altaf was also found responsible in a money laundering case in the United States where an American court sentenced him a 20-year life behind the bar and ordered him to pay $250,000 as fine. It is worth mentioning that Javed Khanani's brother was taken into the police custody by Drug Enforcement Administration in the United States in September 2016.