SC Judges Puts Burden of Proof On Prime Minister's Counsel In Panamagate Case

Panamagate case is in the Supreme Court and it's time for the Prime Minister's counsel to resume his arguments to defend his client during the hearing. On Thursday, Mr. Makhdoom Ali Khan began with his arguments before the SC judges where he was questioned about the money trail for PM's London flats. Moreover, he was also asked to justify with evidence that the PM had no inconsistencies in his speech on the floor of National Assembly in 2016.

It is worth mentioning that Justice Asif Saeed Khosa is heading the larger bench for Panamagate case. During the court hearing under the 5-judges larger bench, Makhdoom Ali Khan denied that the PM has any link with the London flats.

The PM's counsel told the honorable judges that Hussain Nawaz who is the eldest son of Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif took over the family business of Mian Sharif after his death whereas the PM had no connection with it.

Upon the aforementioned point, Justice Khosa questioned the counsel about how the money trail leads to the London flats if Nawaz Sharif had nothing to do with it. He also said they have received two money trails that are different from each other. The court wants to know how the money went from Jeddah and then moved to London. In addition, Justice Khosa asked the counsel to explain about how the money reached London from Dubai and Qatar after that.

Makhdoom Ali Khan also denied that the Prime Minister had ever served his family factory as a director in Dubai. Upon this denial of Nawaz Sharif serving the company as a director, Justice Khosa inquired the counsel that since there's no documents or evidences have been submitted to the court to deny the allegation, how come they believe that the PM was never a director of his family company.

One of the bench judges admonished the counsel to present documents in the SC to support the claim when Makhdoom Ali Khan told the judges that Sharif family established their Dubai factory with loan money. But Mr. Khan in turn asked the SC to form an inquiry commission that can go to the UAE and inquire about the allegations against his client.

Justice Ijaz-ul Hasan observed that Nawaz Sharif had recognized his family's mills in Dubai during his speech in the National Assembly and had told the MNAs that each record is available. The judge told Makhdoom Ali Khan, the counsel to the Prime Minister that the burden of evidence lies on him now. While Mr. Khan said in his opinion it's petitioner's job to present the necessary documents or proof. Upon which Justice Khosa told him that the PM's counsel needs to satisfy the judges about Sharif family's ownership of mills in Dubai.

Justice Gulzar remarked that the court hasn't yet received the record that the PM had referred to during his speech while Justice Khosa also said that he heard the PM's life is an open book but it seems that some pages are missing.

Makhdoom Ali Khan concluded the arguments for the day by telling the bench that his client has nothing to do with money trail matter and his children are the owners of the business whose record will be submitted by their counsel.